Holophonor: Light Magnet

Holophonor: Light Magnet
Title: Light Magnet
Artist: Holophonor
Label: World Galaxy / Alpha
UPC: 669158533244
Genre: Jazz

2017 release. The jazz world has gone through a continuous state of shifts since the first torch bearers. A state where planted roots into the world's consciousness are making deep impressions and the expansion of the genre soars in human grasp. Holophonor is one of the entities responsible for this torch passing in current times, launching tastefully intricate music that's catapulted into a pure state of jazz ethos and the connectivity established by innovators of the past. Holophonor's made a diligent push since their inception as a band and their self-titled debut LP, utilizing the vast array of knowledge and skills they acquired during their tenure studying together at UCLA's Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, and the cyclone of activity they've experienced in different pockets of the world since. Holophonor is at another critical transition point in their career, announcing the release of the band's sophomore record, Light Magnet. Signing with the quickly rising Los Angeles jazz imprint World Galaxy for the release of the album produced by Wayne Shorter. As a winner of ten Grammy Awards over the last half-century, the voice and vision that Shorter brought to Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet, fusion powerhouse Weather Report, and his solo output is amplified through Holophonor's Light Magnet.

1.1 Light Magnet
1.2 Santa Ynez
1.3 Choose Your Own Adventure
1.4 Three Song
1.5 I Miss You
1.6 Pioneer Intro
1.7 Pioneer
1.8 Dream Space
1.9 Zirma
1.10 E Force 3
1.11 Ignore the Unicorn in the Room
1.12 Invisible Cities
1.13 Thank You

Holophonor: Light Magnet


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