Iivii: Colony

Iivii: Colony
Title: Colony
Label: Consouling Sounds
Product Type: VINYL LP

Iivii is the new solo project fabricated by visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Josh Graham. A founding member of Red Sparowes and Battle Of Mice, Graham currently plays in A Storm Of Light, and has made appearances with Jarboe, Blood And Time, Tombs, Syndrome, Fallen Black Deer, and Tribes Of Neurot. With Iivii, Graham focuses on sonically engulfing and moody soundscapes, layered with a science-fiction edge. This approach has allowed Graham to expand upon his sonic body of work and traverse new electronic territory, focusing on the subtle orchestration and manipulation of dense sonic atmospheres, rather than the bombastic approach found in A Storm Of Light. Depicting a derelict space colony in view of Saturn, the artwork was also completed by Graham, who currently serves as art director to Soundgarden, and has also worked with many bands including Neurosis, Jesu, Shrinebuilder, Sleep, Vattnet Viskar, and Isis.

1.1 Signals from Home
1.2 Colliding Horizons
1.3 Transmissions Illumine
1.4 Transmissions Illumine II
1.5 Black Galaxy
1.6 On the Shores of Markarian 335
1.7 Shaping Itself from Dust

Iivii: Colony

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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