Wilson, Jackie: My Golden Favourites

Jackie Wilson: My Golden Favourites
Title: My Golden Favourites
Label: Hallmark

Have you ever heard a group of old-timers sitting around, reminiscing about an event from their pasts, recapturing the 'good old days' and spouting phrases such as 'I Can see it now' or 'I can almost hear it just as it was then.' Memories may be fine, but how much more fortunate we are today to have the scientific magic of movies and records to preserve the highlights of our experiences. To see and hear Jackie Wilson take command of a stage and captivate an audience with pulsating renditions of exciting songs is certainly a highlight to any fan of popular music today. Some of his greatest hits are collected and preserved in this album to bring back that excitement and let you - the listener - relive the tense, exhilarating moments spent with this bright star. These are the hit tunes of Jackie's career thus far. These are songs demanded at his personal appearances. These are the performances that span the range of his versatility as an artist, and encompass the many thoughts and emotions that he so ably and sincerely interprets. It is, then, small wonder that they have become his 'Golden Moments.'

1.1 Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet)
1.2 To Be Loved
1.3 Ill Be Satisfied
1.4 Only You, Only Me
1.5 Talk That Talk
1.6 Ask
1.7 That's Why (I Love You So)
1.8 It's All a Part of Love
1.9 Lonely Teardrops
1.10 I'm Wanderin
1.11 You Better Know It
1.12 We Have Love

Wilson, Jackie: My Golden Favourites

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