Ponty, Jean Luc: Aurora / Cosmic Messenger (2-fer)

Jean-Luc Ponty: Aurora / Cosmic Messenger (2-fer)
Title: Aurora / Cosmic Messenger (2-fer)
Label: Wounded Bird Records

Jean-Luc Ponty is considered one of the top fusion-jazz violinists of the past 50 years. He was a member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra from 1973-1975. From the late 60s he issued numerous albums, many of them on Atlantic Records. Aurora was originally i

1.1 Is Once Enough?
1.2 Renaissance
1.3 Aurora - Part I
1.4 Aurora - Part II
1.5 Passenger of the Dark
1.6 Lost Forest
1.7 Between You and Me
1.8 Waking Dream
1.9 The Art of Happiness
1.10 Don't Let the World Pass You By
1.11 I Only Feel Good with You
1.12 Puppet's Dance
1.13 Fake Para

Ponty, Jean Luc: Aurora / Cosmic Messenger (2-fer)

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