Krokodil: Nachash

Krokodil: Nachash
Title: Nachash
Label: Spinefarm
Product Type: VINYL LP

Signed to Spinefarm Records and featuring members and previous members of Cry For Silence, Hexes, Gallows and SikTh, Krokodil present their debut studio album, Nachash. With all of the personnel coming complete with 'other lives', it's taken a genuine commitment to the cause to launch something new, plus a collective excitement at what that 'something new' might be... in this case, a record that, according to Krokodil guitarist Daniel P Carter of Radio One Rock Show and Hexes repute, "will be the start of something pretty special." Flanking Carter on beards, riffs, rhythms and roars are a choice selection of players whose many and varied abilities to make a glorious racket are already well documented; there's the SikTh rhythm section of Dan 'Loord' Foord (drums) and James Leach (bass); there's Cry For Silence guitarist, Alessandro Venturella; Laurent Barnard, from the heady world of Gallows; and upfront at the mic, Liber Necris vocalist Simon Wright, the six coming together to create a body of work that succeeds in marrying brutal aggression to haunting melody, heavy groove and coiled-spring dynamics; music that isn't afraid to (sometimes) take the less traveled path.

1.1 Shatter
1.2 Skin of the Earth
1.3 Dead Man's Path
1.4 A Life Lived in Copper, But Painted in Gold
1.5 Reptilia Familiar
1.6 Porcelain Bones
1.7 The Collapse
1.8 Sleep Well, Medusa
1.9 Ragnarock
1.10 Sun Riders (Feat. Simon Neil)
1.11 Sobek
1.12 Phyllotaxis

Krokodil: Nachash

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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