Mas, Jeanne: Remixology

Title: Remixology
Artist: Mas, Jeanne
Label: Zephyr
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 3770009130943
Genre: International

Absolute French icon of the 80s, Jeanne Mas has sold more than 6 million records to date.It was in 1984 that the singer became known with her hit Toute première foisAt the dawn of her 40-year career, which she will celebrate on stage in 2024, Zéphyr Records, in agreement with Warner Music, is offering a limited collector's edition compilation in color trifold 3LP format.This compilation includes his first 5 hits, in multi-versions (foreign versions, rare, remixes etc) and totally remastered for the occasion.The singer has also collaborated on this compilation by choosing the shots for this support. LIMITED LIMITED EDITION AND REMASTERED TRACKS


Mas, Jeanne: Remixology

Product-type:VINYL LP

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