Moka Only: Concert For One

Moka Only: Concert For One
Title: Concert For One
Label: Urbnet

2017 release. As the follow up to his 2016 12 for 12 opus, Concert for One delivers with such admirable tenacity, something that fans are accustomed to from the powerhouse artist. Notably so, this full-length twenty-track album features a guest collaboration from Detroit's own Dank (from Frank n Dank), and artwork from Montreal's @vnilla_art. Daniel Denton is something of a super hero. An iconic artist in Canadian hip-hop, based out of Vancouver, performing musical feats under any one of his mysterious aliases. Guised as Ron Contour, Torch, or most notably, as Moka Only, his delivery is consistent and unmatched. He is an acclaimed underground champion, and a true storyteller with an unfathomable collection of stories to tell. With countless years of accomplishments under his belt, Moka may flaunt the traits of a musical superhero, but he has never been one to disappear into the night. Moka embodies what today's artists strive to attain, that is to say, the experience, the wins, the brain power, and the absolute creative will that fuels him. This hero is nowhere near done.

1.1 Concert Intro
1.2 Hi
1.3 Unu
1.4 Featuring Drake
1.5 Demoland
1.6 Replay
1.7 Just Some Vibes (Feat. Dank)
1.8 Are You Happy Now
1.9 Snapshot
1.10 Right There
1.11 Egg Interlude
1.12 Not a Thing
1.13 I May
1.14 Green Bridge Interlude
1.15 Real Simple Real Mellow
1.16 Old Quirks Old Places
1.17 Real Late
1.18 Crinkle Jazz
1.19 The Stars
1.20 What Zone Now

Moka Only: Concert For One

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