Loon, Morley: Northland My Land

Morley Loon: Northland My Land
Title: Northland My Land
Label: Future Days Recordin

Digitally remastered and officially licensed reissue. Northland, My Land is the full-length vinyl debut from Cree singer-songwriter, actor, and force of nature, Morley Loon (1948-1986). Born in Mistissini, Quebec, Loon became active in music at an early age. Drawing from his Cree culture, language, and environment, Loon developed an organic style that inspired many Indigenous musicians. News of his talent even reached producers at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in the late 1970s. Two 7" EPs of original Cree language compositions were laid down first and later compiled into the Northland, My Land album, which was released to the public in 1981. Accompanied by percussion and flute, Loon taps into a spiritual place with this material, achieving a transcendent quality rarely heard in music. "N'Doheeno," which translates to "The Hunter" reflects the hunting and gathering traditions of Loon's people and region. If you close your eyes and absorb the music's pulse (even without knowledge of Cree), it's easy to visualize the subject of this mesmerizing song.

1.1 Agajee Dona Nooch
1.2 Amendo Na Nooch
1.3 Wee Jee
1.4 Yoo Indo Deem Awin
1.5 Nooj Meech
1.6 Deb Skum
1.7 Ginscoom-Tin
1.8 Nee Dumphs
1.9 Caminconoch
1.10 N'doheeno
1.11 Enu-Noog-Amun

Loon, Morley: Northland My Land

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