Nekrofilth: Acid Brain

Nekrofilth: Acid Brain
Title: Acid Brain
Artist: Nekrofilth
Label: Metalhit.Com
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 827166285924
Genre: Rock

Crossover Death Metal, Metal, Punk and Thrash Metal from Cleveland, Ohio. There were Splatter 400 and 100 Black copies made during the original pressing. Nekrofilth plays their part perfectly. If one was looking for near chaos but held together by threads of hooks then Acid Brain will be perfect for you. If one enjoys a healthy dose of punkish snot mixed with their heavy metal, then I can think of no other way to spend a drunken Tuesday afternoon. Responsibilities? How about I chew on your esophagus for awhile while you shut your dirty mouth?

1.1 Beware the Witch of Death
1.2 Levamisole
2.1 Night of the Shit Creep
2.2 I Breed in the Swamp
2.3 Acid Brain

Nekrofilth: Acid Brain

Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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