New Duncan Imperials: Hunny Bunny

New Duncan Imperials: Hunny Bunny
Title: Hunny Bunny
Artist: New Duncan Imperials
Label: Pravda Records
UPC: 727321262220
Genre: Rock

Hunny Bunny is the first studio recording in eight years from the New Duncan Imperials and it was worth the wait. Bristling with the kind of straight-ahead-yet twisted songs that characterize their best work, this EP reveals a band that is tough, vital, and still poking rock in the ribs. Formed almost thirty years ago, The New Duncan Imperials combine white trash culture, Dada art, and Chuck Berry to create the most glorious noise on the planet. Their history is written in smoke, noise, and nonsense, and it is an inspiring example of what three young men can do with a few rock riffs, a few insane ideas, and a van full of garage sale oddities. The Hunny Bunny EP is a continuation of the NDI sound that has always been hard to categorize. Sometimes it's straight rock. Sometimes it's indie flavored pop. Sometimes it's alt-country swamp rock. Sometimes it's punk. But somehow it all comes together and makes sense. Well. Kind of. This is the kind of record full of left turns and surprises that has made the New Duncan Imperials famous and slightly misunderstood at times. Are they serious? Are they kidding? Are they happy? Are they depressed? It's all here on Hunny Bunny and one thing is clear. The New Duncan Imperials are lovers of creating music


New Duncan Imperials: Hunny Bunny


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