Banks, Peter: Self-Contained Trilogy

Peter Banks: Self-Contained Trilogy
Title: Self-Contained Trilogy
Artist: Banks, Peter
Label: Peter Banks Musical Estate
UPC: 5060105491047
Genre: Rock

Three CD set containing the albums Instinct (1994), Self-Contained (1995) and Reduction (1997). Peter Banks was one of the original members of Yes and an accomplished guitarist, but sadly passed away in 2013. This set is being released in his memory, by his estate, during the fifth anniversary of his passing and the 50th Anniversary of Yes. The set includes all three of Peter Banks's solo studio albums from the 1990s in one place. The booklet features the original album artwork, liner notes and credits.

1.1 Disc One: Instinct
1.2 No Place Home
1.3 All Points South
1.4 Fogbound
1.5 Sticky Wicket
1.6 Shortcomings
1.7 Code Blue
1.8 Angels
1.9 Anima Mundi
1.10 Swamp Report
1.11 Instinctive Behavour
1.12 Dominating Factor
1.13 Never the Same
2.1 Radio Foreplay
2.2 Endless Journey
2.3 More Foreplay
2.4 Massive Trouser Clearance
2.5 Lost Days
2.6 Away Days
2.7 Two-Rides
2.8 Self-Contained
2.9 Clues
2.10 The Three Realms
2.11 Tell Me When
2.12 Funkin' Profundity
2.13 It's All Greek to Me - the Great Dionysia
2.14 It's All Greek to Me - Erotokritos
2.15 It's All Greek to Me - Less Talk
2.16 It's All Greek to Me - Oriental Bent
2.17 It's All Greek to Me - in An Idyll Moment
2.18 It's All Greek to Me - Unnatural History
2.19 It's All Greek to Me - Greekspeak
2.20 It's All Greek to Me - the Great Stifado
2.21 Thinking of You
3.1 Diminuendo in Bloom
3.2 Tone Down
3.3 The Age of Distortion
3.4 Fade to Blue
3.5 Fathat
3.6 As Night Falls
3.7 Consolation in Isolation
3.8 Dirty Little Secret
3.9 As Ever
3.10 Pirate's Pleasure
3.11 Rosa Nova

Banks, Peter: Self-Contained Trilogy


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