Pilot: Albums: Boxset

Pilot: Albums: Boxset
Title: Albums: Boxset
Artist: Pilot
Label: Glam / 7T's
UPC: 5013929057708
Genre: Rock

Four CD set. This set features all of the albums released by Pilot between 1974-77. Disc 1 is the debut From The Album Of The Same Name which features the hit single 'Magic' - a UK #11, it also hit #5 in the USA and #1 in Canada and has been featured in films such as Herbie: Fully Loaded, Happy Gilmore and Magic Roundabout. Three bonus cuts have been added including the ultra-rare 'Ra-Ta-Ta' single recorded under the name Scotch Mist. The second disc is the UK #48 hit album Second Flight. This features the international hit single 'January' - a UK #1, it also topped the charts in Australia, made #21 in Germany and the Top 100 in America. The song has also been regularly used in TV adverts for the Asda superstore! One of the bonus tracks is the UK #31 hit single 'Just A Smile'. Disc three is 1976's Morin Heights album which includes the singles 'Canada', 'Running Water' and 'Penny In My Pocket'. Amongst the bonus tracks are rare solo 45's from members Billy Lyall and David Paton. The final disc is 1977's Two's A Crowd album, previously only available on CD in Japan. Includes the singles 'Ten Feet Tall', 'Monday Tuesday' and 'Get Up And Go'. The booklet includes detailed liner notes by History Of Rock editor Michael Heatley (in a new interview with lead vocalist David Paton) plus picture sleeves from around the globe.

1.1 Just a Smile
1.2 Magic
1.3 Lucky for Some
1.4 Girl Next Door
1.5 Lonely Lady Smile
1.6 Sooner or Later
1.7 Don't Speak Loudly
1.8 Over the Moon
1.9 Never Give Up
1.10 High Into the Sky
1.11 Auntie Iris
1.12 Sky Blue
1.13 Just Let Me Be
1.14 Pamela
1.15 Ra-Ta-Ta
2.1 You're My No.1
2.2 Love Is
2.3 Call Me Round
2.4 55° North 3° West
2.5 To You Alone
2.6 Do Me Good
2.7 Heard It All Before
2.8 Bad to Me
2.9 You're Devotion
2.10 January
2.11 Passion Piece
2.12 Dear Artist
2.13 Are You in Love?
2.14 Just a Smile (Second Single Version)
3.1 Hold on
3.2 Canada
3.3 First After Me
3.4 Steps
3.5 The Mover
3.6 Penny in Pocket
3.7 Lies and Lies
3.8 Running Water
3.9 Trembling
3.10 Maniac (Come Back)
3.11 Too Many Hopes
3.12 Lady Luck
3.13 Us
3.14 Maniac
3.15 No Ties No Strings
3.16 Stop and Let Go
4.1 Get Up and Go
4.2 Library Door
4.3 Creeping Around at Midnight
4.4 One Good Reason Why
4.5 There's a Place
4.6 The Other Side
4.7 Monday Tuesday
4.8 Ten Feet Tall
4.9 Evil Eye
4.10 Mr. Do or Die
4.11 Big Screen Kill

Pilot: Albums: Boxset


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