Planeta Imaginario: Optical Delusions

Planeta Imaginario: Optical Delusions
Title: Optical Delusions
Artist: Planeta Imaginario
Label: Cuneiform
UPC: 045775031828
Genre: Jazz

1.1 Collective Action [Acci N Col-Lectiva]
1.2 The Garden of Happy Cows [El Jard de Les Vaques Alegres]
1.3 Xarramandusca (Including Exile)
1.4 Good Luck, My Friend [Bona Sort Amic Meu]
1.5 Angioma
1.6 Scalpel [Bistur ]
1.7 Hemangioma
1.8 Introduction to Sidewalk Licker [Introducci de Llepavoreres]
1.9 Sidewalk Licker [Llepavoreres]
1.10 Imperfect Purity [Element de la Puresa Imperfecte]
1.11 Pure and Imperfect Art Element [Element Del Art Put I Imperfecte]
1.12 Imperfect Persuasive Element [Element de la Persuasi Imperfecte]
1.13 The Sea... And Later the Sun... And the Reflection [El Mar. I Llavors Sort E

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Planeta Imaginario: Optical Delusions


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