Rantanplan: Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel

Rantanplan: Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel
Title: Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel
Label: Afm Records

The Hamburg-based ska punk legend from St. Pauli returns with their 10th studio album, delivering 10 explosive songs about the sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious sides of life. In these grim times, Rantanplan remember the basics: the pack. Here you can run, bark, bite, eat and cuddle. That must be love and isn't that the way it should be?! Sometimes a lightsaber also helps.

1.1 Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel
1.2 Foodporn
1.3 Kain Richtung Heimat
1.4 Maschine
1.5 An/Aus
1.6 Nachtzug Nach Paris
1.7 Partytrick
1.8 Rudegirl from Outta Space
1.9 Kill Den Spiegel
1.10 The Rudel

Rantanplan: Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel

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