Astley, Rick: The Best Of Me

Rick Astley: The Best Of Me
Title: The Best Of Me
Label: BMG Rights Managemen

Limited edition includes hardback book. Rick celebrates his extraordinary story with the release of the new career-spanning compilation 'The Best of Me'. It charts that initial run of hits alongside recent fan favourites such as 'Keep Singing', 'Angels On My Side' and 'Try'. It also digs into some deep cut too, such as 'Sleeping' from 2001. The set is bookended with a step into the past and an eye to the future. Again self-written, produced and recorded, opening track 'Every One of Us' is a brand new song that shows that the power of Rick Astley 2.0 is undiminished. And it closes with a new 'Pianoforte' take on 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Dropping the peppy '80s beats for an intimate piano arrangement captures it in a new light, it's inner heartbreak becoming all the more apparent. Echoing that spirit of reinvention, Rick recorded a set of 'Reimagined' acoustic interpretations of his songs, old and new, for the second disc of 'The Best of Me'.

1.1 Every One of Us
1.2 Never Gonna Give You Up
1.3 Whenever You Need Somebody
1.4 When I Fall in Love
1.5 Together Forever
1.6 It Would Take a Strong Strong Man
1.7 She Wants to Dance with Me
1.8 Take Me to Your Heart
1.9 Hold Me in Your Arms
1.10 Cry for Help (Single Edit)
1.11 Sleeping (Edit)
1.12 Lights Out
1.13 Keep Singing
1.14 Angels on My Side
1.15 Dance
1.16 This Old House
1.17 Beautiful Life
1.18 Try
1.19 She Makes Me
1.20 Never Gonna Give You Up (Pianoforte)
2.1 Together Forever (Reimagined)
2.2 Whenever You Need Somebody (Reimagined)
2.3 When I Fall in Love (Reimagined)
2.4 Beautiful Life (Reimagined)
2.5 She Wants to Dance with Me (Reimagined)
2.6 Hold Me in Your Arms (Reimagined)
2.7 Cry for Help (Reimagined)
2.8 Keep Singing (Reimagined)
2.9 Angels on My Side (Reimagined)
2.10 Try (Reimagined)

Astley, Rick: The Best Of Me

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