Severed Heads: Commerz

Severed Heads: Commerz
Title: Commerz
Label: LTM

The latest CD release by Severed Heads, the eclectic Australian electro pioneers who have recorded some ten studio albums since the early 1980s. ComMerz offers a definitive overview of Severed Heads' work between 1982 and 2006. Compiled and mastered by head Head Tom Ellard, the double disc set runs for 140 minutes and includes the dance hits 'Dead Eyes Opened', 'Greater Reward' and 'All Saint's Day', as well as earlier singles such as 'Goodbye Tonsils', 'Petrol', 'Hot with Fleas' and 'Big Car' plus selected album tracks. ComMerz is an extended double CD set with 30 tracks and has been digitally remastered by Tom Ellard. The booklet contains a detailed, updated band biography by Bernie Maier, as well as notes by Tom. Career.

1.1 Dead Eyes Opened
1.2 Adolf a Karrot
1.3 Million Angels
1.4 Goodbye Tonsils
1.5 Bless the House
1.6 Now, An Explosive New Movie
1.7 Halo
1.8 Petrol
1.9 Mambo Fist Miasma
1.10 Blast Patter
1.11 20DD
1.12 Hot with Fleas
1.13 Nature Ten
1.14 Canine
2.1 Greater Reward
2.2 All Saints Day
2.3 Big Car Retread
2.4 Pilot in Hell
2.5 Twister
2.6 Heart of the Party
2.7 Snow Remix
2.8 Choose Evil
2.9 Sevs in Space
2.10 Pinagoal Hank
2.11 Oblique Firefly Overlocker
2.12 Kittenette
2.13 Pilots Hate You
2.14 We Choose Moon
2.15 Bigfoot
2.16 Snuck

Severed Heads: Commerz

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