Shakespear's Sister: Singles Party (1988-2019)

Shakespears Sister: Singles Party (1988-2019)
Title: Singles Party (1988-2019)
Artist: Shakespear's Sister
Label: London Records
UPC: 5060555213039
Genre: Rock

Shakespears Sister present Singles Party (1988-2019), a comprehensive singles collection containing two brand new tracks plus rarities, unheard tracks, and remixes. Includes the huge hit singles "Stay", "You're History", "I Don't Care", and "Hello - Turn Your Radio On". In 1989 and 1992 respectively they achieved two Top 10 albums in the UK: Sacred Heart and Hormonally Yours. Following one of the most dramatic break ups in pop history, Siobhan and Marcella have reunited and written music together for the first time in over 25 years. Singles Party includes two new songs. The band's newest single "All The Queen's Horses", featured here, is produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire) and features members of The Bad Seeds. Standard edition comes in a jewel case.

1.1 Break My Heart (Remastered)
1.2 Heroine (Remastered)
1.3 You're History (Remastered)
1.4 Run Silent (Remastered)
1.5 Dirty Mind (Remastered)
1.6 Stay (Remastered)
1.7 I Don't Care (Remastered)
1.8 Goodbye Cruel World (Remastered)
1.9 Hello (Turn Your Radio on) (Remastered)
1.10 My 16th Apology (Remastered)
1.11 I Can Drive (Remastered)
1.12 Bitter Pill (Remastered)
1.13 Pulsatron (Remastered)
1.14 Bad Blood (Remastered)
1.15 It's a Trip (Remastered)
1.16 All the Queen's Horses
1.17 C U Next Tuesday
1.18 Stay (Acoustic Version) (Remastered)

Shakespear's Sister: Singles Party (1988-2019)


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