St. Elmos Fire: Evil Never Sleeps

St. Elmos Fire: Evil Never Sleeps
Title: Evil Never Sleeps
Artist: St. Elmos Fire
Label: Pure Steel
UPC: 4260255244833
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal

2018 release. Two and a half years ago, the complete back catalog of this California US Metal cult band had been re-released through Karthago Records, which included all re-releases between 1986 and 1992. Now the first album since Desperate Years is released. Powerful, yet melodic heavy metal still is the sound, and St. Elmo's Fire are back after 25 years with their album Evil Never Sleeps. The vocals of new singer Kevin Brady also fit perfectly into the sound that fans of the early days will love.

1.1 We Will Not Die
1.2 Rise
1.3 Betrayer
1.4 Lord of Thunder
1.5 I Begin
1.6 Evil Never Sleeps - Doomsday
1.7 Soultaker
1.8 Across the Nations
1.9 Asleep in the Never
1.10 Hammer
1.11 Unslaved
1.12 Wasted
1.13 Evil Never Sleeps - Doomsday (Alt Version, Bonus Track)
1.14 Betrayer (Alt Version, Bonus Track)
1.15 Wasted (Alt Version, Bonus Track)

St. Elmos Fire: Evil Never Sleeps


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