Tangerine Dream: Tangram 2008

Tangerine Dream: Tangram 2008
Title: Tangram 2008
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Label: Cleopatra
UPC: 741157914122
Genre: Electronic, German

- Purple Pyramid Records is proud to present the first-ever Stateside release of a series of albums by the groundbreaking and Grammy award-winning electronic pioneers, Tangerine Dream! - Edgar Froese revisits TD's breakthrough album Tangram, originally recorded in 1980 and composed by Froese and his longtime collaborator Johannes Schmoeling, to create a stunning masterpiece that bridges the vintage years and TD's contemporary sound!

1.1 Wisdom and Tragedy
1.2 Dragon in the House
1.3 Wu Wei
1.4 Leaving the Masters for Good
1.5 Point of No Return
1.6 Dream Puzzle
1.7 Terra Coda

Tangerine Dream: Tangram 2008


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