Album Leaf: Torey's Distraction (Original Soundtrack)

The Album Leaf: Torey&
Title: Torey's Distraction (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Eastern Glow Recordi
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited burnt orange vinyl LP pressing. Original motion picture soundtrack to the 2009 film Torey's Distraction performed by Jimmy LaValle (The Album Leaf). Sometimes the child you have isn't the one you were expecting... What if you gave birth to a child with a rare genetic defect? Would you let nature take it's course or would you do all you could to give your child a normal life? Recent medical advances are saving the lives of children born with Apert Syndrome, but to live a normal life one must look normal and this is where the journey of Torey's Distraction begins. Filmed over a period of 10 years, the film follows Torey, Emily and Saige - all children born with Apert Syndrome - a rare genetic condition that causes craniofacial anomalies and skeletal mutation. Blood's directorial debut provides an intimate glimpse into the transforming powers of science, family, humor, hope and compassion.

1.1 Torey's Distraction
1.2 An Explanation
1.3 Leaving Florida
1.4 Play with Me
1.5 Complications
1.6 A Day in the Life
1.7 Going Under
1.8 Distraction Days
1.9 Pinky's Storage
1.10 Baby Saige
1.11 Cowgirl
1.12 A Look Back
1.13 Celebration

Album Leaf: Torey's Distraction (Original Soundtrack)

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