Black Pacific: The Black Pacific

The Black Pacific: The Black Pacific
Title: The Black Pacific
Artist: Black Pacific
Label: Side One Dummy
UPC: 603967142426
Genre: Punk

The Black Pacific's (featuring Jimmy Lindberg, former front man of Pennywise) debut self titled album is a breath of fresh air in a some what tired punk rock scene. Featuring thick growling guitars, melodic leads and Jim's signature vocal melodies.

1.1 The System
1.2 When It's Over
1.3 Living with Ghosts
1.4 Time Is Not the Reason
1.5 Almost Rising
1.6 Kill Your Idols
1.7 Defamer
1.8 Ruinator
1.9 Put Down Your Weapons
1.10 No Purpose

Black Pacific: The Black Pacific


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