Bombay Royale: Run Kitty Run

The Bombay Royale: Run Kitty Run
Title: Run Kitty Run
Label: Hope Street Rec

2017 release. Cult band The Bombay Royale return with their third studio masterpiece Run Kitty Run. A retro Bollywood fueled rampage through psyche-surf, 80's electro-pop and desert rock, Run Kitty Run is, like it's predecessors, conceived as the soundtrack to a lost film. The music conjures into life a devastated futuristic landscape peopled by robotic horsemen, killer satellites and grinning sadhus. Overlaid with vocals in Hindi, Bengali and English, the resulting soundtrack is one of love and betrayal, hopeless escapes and unlikely salvation. Recorded between Hope Street Studios in Brunswick and Soundpark Studios in Northcote, Run Kitty Run' was co-produced by Tristan Ludowyk (The Putbacks, The Cactus Channel) and The Skipper aka Andy Williamson. The Bombay Royale has always used vintage Indian cinema as a creative touch stone for their songwriting and the musical influence of greats such as RD Burman, Anandji & Kalyanji and Illayaraja looms large. Not surprisingly their production philosophy is also grounded in this era and has been heavily influenced by the Daptone approach, with most of their songs tracked live in single takes and overdubbing kept to a minimum.

1.1 Ballygunge
1.2 I Love You Love You
1.3 Run Kitty Run
1.4 The Raan of Kutch
1.5 Nucky Day Nucky Dah Nucky Doo
1.6 Zhooti Naina
1.7 (Mera Nam Hai) Lucky
1.8 Mauja
1.9 Robobeez
1.10 Gunslinger's Lullaby
1.11 Bhediya
1.12 Tumi Ami

Bombay Royale: Run Kitty Run

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