Honeydogs: Love & Cannibalism

The Honeydogs: Love & Cannibalism
Title: Love & Cannibalism
Label: Simon Recordings

Minneapolis based rockers The Honeydogs have been making music for over 20 years. Love & Cannibalism is their 11th studio release, and it might be their best, most rocking record in that long career. Previous records have frequently been called masterpieces, the band comfortably exploring varied musical styles while being true their roots in American music. Love & Cannibalism follows that up and is upbeat, featuring singer-songwriter Adam Levy's incisive lyrics about the contemporary world. The band is on fire, mixing high octane Motown soul with British rock. This guitar heavy, horn driven pop-encrusted gem of a record cherry picks from the past but creates a totally unique angle. The title refers to the notion that if we don't start getting along, we will devour ourselves. Amen.

1.1 Vermillion Billows (Shouldn't Take It So Hard)
1.2 Devices
1.3 Art ; Vandalism
1.4 Wheels
1.5 Left Alone
1.6 Sandstorm
1.7 Blue-Backed Speller
1.8 Look Through the Sun (Photokeratitis)
1.9 Ordinary Legs
1.10 Little Sister
1.11 Arguing with Fiction

Honeydogs: Love & Cannibalism

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