Rumblers: Rumblin & Rare

The Rumblers: Rumblin & Rare
Title: Rumblin & Rare
Label: Ace Records UK

UK collection of tracks from the Southern California based instrumental band. Mastered directly from the best sources, this second volume of stoked and mainly instrumental tracks (just a handful of vocals) will appeal to all instrument, surf and garage fans. The package is enhanced with a gorgeous booklet positively bursting with many previously unseen photographs (from band members' private albums) and the absorbing essay includes comments from all of the surviving Rumblers. Ace.

1.1 Poor Boy
1.2 Wockytok
1.3 Slippin'
1.4 Boss Drums
1.5 Summertime Blues
1.6 Son of Boss
1.7 Sorry (For the Way I Treated You)
1.8 Sweet Potato
1.9 Bashful
1.10 Rumblin'
1.11 Underwater
1.12 Slingshot
1.13 Harlem Nocturne
1.14 Rumblin' ; Stumblin'
1.15 The Nervous Set
1.16 Charger
1.17 Wedgee
1.18 Saxwax
1.19 Till Always
1.20 Boss Blues
1.21 Walkin' with the Boss
1.22 Gospel Truth - the Nylons
1.23 Lost Weekend
1.24 Lots to Learn -Bel Cantos

Rumblers: Rumblin & Rare

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