Smoke Clears: Smoke Clears

The Smoke Clears: Smoke Clears
Title: Smoke Clears
Label: All City Dublin
Product Type: VINYL LP

Following up his 2013 LP of the same name, this record builds upon it's predecessor's ambient abstractions while adding another layer of nuanced melodic contemplation. Kicking off with "Fathoms" a deceptively calm track but with a paced sense of urgency which is evident throughout the LP, belying it's calm undertones. Continuing at this pace for the rest of the first side the LP takes a side turn with the lush "Slipstream" melting into the only vocal track of the LP -the dubbed out bliss of "Oh My Days" featuring Cian Finn. Showcasing a side that might not be familiar to those who come to the table with knowledge of the Galway producers house and techno releases on his imprintsFeel Music and One Track as well asRunning Back, Wave Music and more, this is lush downtempo machine music equally as at home cranked up one louder sound system style, or for late night home listening.

1.1 Fathoms
1.2 Where You Go I Go
1.3 The Goose and the Moon
1.4 Heaven Sent
1.5 Slipstream
1.6 Oh My Days Feat Cian Finn
1.7 In Time
1.8 September

Smoke Clears: Smoke Clears

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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