Snowdrops: Sleepydust

The Snowdrops: Sleepydust
Title: Sleepydust
Artist: Snowdrops
Label: Matinee
UPC: 837101119139
Genre: Alternative Rock

5 tracks. Second single from mysterious Matinee music makers the Snowdrol's, an occasional collaboration of indie legends Keith Girdler (Blueboy, Beaumont, Arabesque, Lovejoy), Dick Preece (Lovejoy, Beaumont) and Pam Berry (The Pines, Shapiros, Black Tambourine, Glo Worm). The. New EP features five tracks including a Pet Shop Boys-inspired title track with brilliant lead vocals from Keith plus backing from Pam. Other tracks include a beautiful atmospheric number called 'Too Cold to Snow,' the wonderful 'The Boy with the Hummingbird Eyes' featuring Dick on lead vocals and a guest appearance Tom Keris Howard (Harper Lee, Brighter), a short one called 'Teddy Dragons. And a remix copIes in custom mini-jacket sleeve. Tracks: 1. Sleepydust, 2. Too Cold to Snow, 3. The Boy with the Hummingbird Eyes, 4. Teddy Dragons, 5. Sleepydust (12 mix). 2006.

1.1 Sleepydust
1.2 Too Cold to Snow
1.3 The Boy with the Hummingbird Eyes
1.4 Teddy Dragons
1.5 Sleepydust (12" Version)

Snowdrops: Sleepydust


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