Tolchin, Jonah: Lava Lamp

Tolchinjonah: Lava Lamp
Title: Lava Lamp
Label: Yep Roc Records

It's a sense of freedom and endless possibility that defines Lava Lamp, Jonah Tolchin's bold and adventurous new collection. Built around a series of loose, live-in-the-studio performances, the record is more sonically diverse than anything in Tolchin's catalog, expanding on the folk-blues style he's become known for to incorporate elements of indie rock and grunge fueled by gritty electric guitars and a muscular rhythm section. The songs are raw and emotional, reckoning with alienation and escapism in a modern world defined by 24/7 stimulation, but there's a buoyancy to them that belies their intensity, a mischievous playfulness that Tolchin credits in part to his new role as a stepfather. In that sense, Lava Lamp can be heard as the sound of Tolchin reconnecting with his own childhood, casting off the burdens of expectation and returning to a musical sandbox where the only limits are the bounds of his own imagination.

1.1 Black Hole
1.2 Car You Drive
1.3 Never Giving Up
1.4 Lava Lamp
1.5 Oklahoma
1.6 Aliens
1.7 Grew Up Fast
1.8 Bridge
1.9 Wooden Leg

Tolchin, Jonah: Lava Lamp

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