Tricky: Mixed Race

Tricky: Mixed Race
Artist: Tricky
Title: Mixed Race

Recorded in Paris, where Tricky has been residing for the past two years, Mixed Race is his most passionate album to date. Musically his production work takes influences from UK, Jamaican, US, North African and French music. He sets out on his music mantra with the album's lead off track, "Every Day," and then proceeds through a lyrical journey with temptation, reflection, mischief and misbehavior. The album was produced by Tricky and features as always an array of talented singers and collaborators. Mixed Race introduces Irish-Italian Frankey Riley, as well as guest appearances from Jamaican singer Terry Lynn, Primal Scream front man Bobby Gillespie, lutist/vocalist Hakim Hamadouche, London-based vocalist Blackman and Tricky's brother Marlon Thaws, who is the thirteenth of his fourteen siblings.

1.1 Every Day
1.2 UK Jamaican
1.3 Early Bird
1.4 Ghetto Stars
1.5 Hakim
1.6 Come to Me
1.7 Murder Weapon
1.8 Time to Dance
1.9 Really Real
1.10 Bristol to London

Tricky: Mixed Race

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