As Has It / Various: As Has It (Various Artists)

Various Artists: As Has It (Various Artists)
Title: As Has It (Various Artists)
Label: Never Met a Stranger

A 2xCD collection of 60 field recordings captured throughout central Appalachia between May 2015 - July 2019. Artists include Josh Bearman, Bonnie Bond, Eddie Bond, Debbie Bramer, Kelley Breiding, Karen Carr, Wayne Dye, Dom Flemons, Trish Fore, Russell Griswald, John Haywood, Wayne Henderson, Donald Hill, Kevin Howard, Billy C. Hurt Jr., Chris Johnson, Minnie Lou Johnson, Carl Jones, Erynn Marshall, Rich Miller, Tom Mylet, Frank Newsome, Ethan Pardue, Hazel Pasley, Lucas Pasley, John Perry, Kinney Rorrer, Kyle Dean Smith, Emily Spencer, Kilby Spencer, Martha Spencer, Thornton Spencer, Robert Stowe, Kirk Sutphin, Janet Turner, Betty Vornbrock, Peco Watson, Earl White, and Chris Wolfe.

1.1 Elzic's Farewell
1.2 Kitty Puss
1.3 Storms Are on the Ocean
1.4 Blown Back with the Breeze
1.5 Lost Indian
1.6 Darlin' Corey
1.7 Moonshiner
1.8 Take Me Back to East Kentucky
1.9 Betsy Likens
1.10 Hawkin's Rag
1.11 Turkey in the Straw
1.12 Ebeneezer
1.13 Tennessee Wagoneer
1.14 Paddy on the Turnpike
1.15 Sally Goodin
1.16 If the River Was Whiskey
1.17 Hen-Pecked Man
1.18 Baptist Shout
1.19 Down in the Willow Garden
1.20 Wesley's Tune
1.21 Drunken Hiccups
1.22 Rockingham Cindy
1.23 Darby Ram
1.24 Cursed Farmer's Wife
1.25 Ship in the Clouds
1.26 Indian River
1.27 Lamb's Wool Rag
1.28 Roaring River
1.29 Leather Britches
1.30 Nancy Blevins
1.31 Pickin' Out the Devil's Eyes
1.32 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.33 Gospel Ship
1.34 Wayfaring Stranger
1.35 Old Paint
1.36 Poor Howard/Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil in
1.37 Cindy Gal
1.38 Piney Woods
1.39 Rock Andy
1.40 Sugar Hill
1.41 Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea
1.42 Beulah Land
1.43 Iduema
1.44 Morphine
1.45 Lost Train Blues
1.46 Two Sisters
1.47 John Brown's Dream
1.48 Sally Anne
1.49 Durang's Hornpipe
1.50 Susanna Gal
1.51 Reuben
1.52 Home Sweet Home
1.53 Johnson Boys
1.54 Loafer's Dream
1.55 Liberty
1.56 Wildhorse
1.57 Steamboat Bill
1.58 Gippy Get Your Haircut
1.59 Victory in Jesus
1.60 Talk It Over

As Has It / Various: As Has It (Various Artists)

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