Back From the Grave 10 / Various: Back from the Grave 10

Various Artists: Back from the Grave 10
Title: Back from the Grave 10
Label: Crypt Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing in gatefold sleeve, thick color inner jacket, all crammed with liner notes, band photos, and label scans. Eighteen years after BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOL. 8 and at last it is here! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, rarer than hens teeth rawness - six of which are the only copy in existence, two of which there are only two copies in existence! 15 cuts from James Bond & the Agents, the Four, Orphans, It's Them, Nobody's Children, Hotbeats, Gmc & the Ar-Cells, Hard Times, John English Iii, Expressions, and many others.

1.1 James Bond ; the Agents Wild Angel
1.2 John English III and Heathens, the (4) I Need You Near
1.3 Four, the (3) 69
1.4 Expressions, the (7) Return to Innocence
1.5 Orphans, the (12) Without You
1.6 Sires, the Don't Look Now
1.7 It's Them/Tthhemm* Baby (I Still Want Your Lovin')
2.1 Orphans, the (12) Hey Gyp
2.2 Nobodys Children* Mother's Tin Moustache
2.3 South' Soul Lost
2.4 Hotbeats, The* Listen
2.5 Hard Times, the (3) Mr. Rolling Stone
2.6 Four More* Problem Child
2.7 Color, The* Young Miss Larsen
2.8 GMC and the Arcelles* the Witch

Back From the Grave 10 / Various: Back from the Grave 10

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