Fast Five / O.S.T.: Fast Five (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Fast Five (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Fast Five (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Fast Five / O.S.T.
Label: Abkco
UPC: 018771883920
Genre: Soundtrack

This Soundtrack includes a mix of Latin and hip hop music inspired by the film's setting in Brazil. It features the brand new track "Furiously Dangerous" by Ludacris as well as the new remix of "How We Roll" by Latin superstar Don Omar featuring Busta Rhymes. With additional music by Brazilian rapper MV Bill and Brazilian hip hop/samba artist Marcelo D2. Score by Emmy-nominated composer Brian Tyler (The Expendables, Fast & Furious 3 &4, Battle: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0).

1.1 How We Roll (Fast Five Remix) Don Omar, Busta Rhymes, Reek Da Villian and J-Doe
1.2 Desabafo/Deixa Eu Dizer- Marcelo D2Iciaudia
1.3 Assembling the Team- Brian Tyler
1.4 L. Gelada-3 Da Madrugada- MV Bill
1.5 Carlito Marron- Carlinhos Brown
1.6 Han Drifting- Hybrid
1.7 Million Dollar Race Featuring 'Popozuda Rock N Roll'- Edu K and Hybnd
1.8 Mad Skills- Brian Tyler
1.9 Batalha- Obando
1.10 Danza Kuduro- Don Omar Featuring Lucenzo
1.11 Follow Me Follow Me (Quem Que Caguetou? (Fast 5 Hybrid Remix) Tejo, Black Alien ; Speed
1.12 Fast Five Suite- Brian Tyler
1.13 Furiously Dangerous- Ludacns Featunnci Slauahterhouse and Claret Jai

Fast Five / O.S.T.: Fast Five (Original Soundtrack)


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