Folk Music of Yugoslavia / Var: Folk Music of Yugoslavia / Various

Various Artists: Folk Music of Yugoslavia / Various
Title: Folk Music of Yugoslavia / Various
Label: Folkways Records

This 1952 Folkways compilation includes songs from the six republics of the former Yugoslavia, now independent countries Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Geography made the Balkans a crossroads of cultures, and the region's music reflects Slavic, Christian, and Islamic influences. Instrumentation includes the zurne (a wooden horn with a double reed), the gusle, and the tambura (both in the string family) as well as gajde (bagpipes). Liner notes by Laura Boulton include descriptions of each song and dance as well as photographs.

1.1 Croatia: Love Song
1.2 Serbia: Ritual Song
1.3 Serbia: Dance Tunes
1.4 Serbia: Love Song
1.5 Serbia: Kolo Dance
1.6 Serbia: Kolo Dance
1.7 Serbia: Kolo Dance
1.8 Macedonia: Love Song
1.9 Macedonia: Love Song
1.10 Macedonia: Dance
1.11 Slovenia: Dance
1.12 Montenegro: Wedding Song
1.13 Montenegro: Erotic Dance
1.14 Montenegro: Epic Song
1.15 Bosnia Hercegovina: Dance Songs
1.16 Bosnia Hercegovina: Work Song

Folk Music of Yugoslavia / Var: Folk Music of Yugoslavia / Various

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