Hey Beach Girls / Various: Hey Beach Girls / Various

Various Artists: Hey Beach Girls / Various
Title: Hey Beach Girls / Various
Artist: Hey Beach Girls / Various
Label: Ace Records UK
UPC: 029667043021
Genre: Surf

2010 compilation. To bridge the gap between volumes of Where the Girls Are, the guys who curate that series have taken Stephen J McParland's book Bikinis, Black Denim & Bitchen Sounds as their inspiration to dream up this fun new diversion to tide girl group buffs over. It'll fill a few gaps in the collections of aficionados of surf, drag and hot rod music too, no doubt. Ace Records.

1.1 Cycle Set - Donna Loren
1.2 Don't Drag No More - Susan Lynne
1.3 Hey Beach Boy - Andrea Carroll
1.4 Shoot the Curl - the Honeys
1.5 Pray for Surf - the Honeys
1.6 He's My Blonde-Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Guy - Little Pattie ; the Statesmen
1.7 Surfer's Playmate - the Fleetwoods
1.8 Drag Race Johnny - Little Pattie ; the Statesmen
1.9 We're Goin' Surfin' - the Wailers with the Marshans
1.10 Rod Hot Rod - the King Pins
1.11 Beach Blanket Bingo - Donna Loren
1.12 Red Corvette - Ellie Gee ; the Jets
1.13 Lonely Little Beach Girl - Carol Connors
1.14 Attention! Accident (Sur Autoroute de L'ouest) - Les Gam's
1.15 (Dance with the) Surfin' Band - Hal Blaine ; the Young Cougars
1.16 Your Baby's Gone Surfin' - Duane Eddy ; the Rebelettes
1.17 Draggin' Wagon - the Surfer Girls
1.18 (You Can't Take) My Boyfriend's Woody - the Angels
1.19 Surfin' - the Orlons
1.20 I Miss My Surfer Boy Too - the Westwoods
1.21 Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer) - the Westwoods
1.22 Surfer Boy - the Supremes
1.23 Sammy the Sidewalk Surfer - the Surfettes
1.24 He's My Surfin' Guy - the Beach Girls
1.25 Riding the Waves - Dee Dee Sharp

Hey Beach Girls / Various: Hey Beach Girls / Various


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