Ardissonbeatrie: Indomania

Various Artists: Indomania
Title: Indomania
Label: Imports

Beatrice Ardisson (Paris Dernière 1, 2 & 3) choose a beautiful selection and she makes US discover surprising Indian sounds. She collected lots of Indian sounds and keeps the best for us. This compilation contains interesting recovers; unreleased and amazing tracks : Pascal of Bollywood, Get Up, Billy Jean, Mission Impossible, Tomorrow Never Knows, Sheela Raman, Sheila Chandra, Husan (Pub Peugeot), Panjabi MC, Pop Life, Light My Fire, My Way, Indian Summer.

1.1 Sounds Super Recordings
1.2 Get Up
1.3 TNK
1.4 Mission Impossible
1.5 Indian Summer
1.6 Jugni
1.7 Toda Reshyam Lagta Hai
1.8 Mundian to Bach Ke
1.9 Mathar
1.10 Husan
1.11 So Lonely
1.12 Pop Life
1.13 Trust in Me
1.14 Tomorrow Never Knows
1.15 Mozart India
1.16 Funkin for India
1.17 Light My Fire
1.18 My Way

Ardissonbeatrie: Indomania

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