Music of Algonkiansi / Various: Music of Algonkiansi / Various

Various Artists: Music of Algonkiansi / Various
Title: Music of Algonkiansi / Various
Label: Folkways Records

For the Cree, Montagnais, and Naskapi hunters whose songs are represented on this album, success in hunting was crucial because for a time it provided the only means of subsistence. Hunters treated their hunting trips with great devotion and seriousness. Before heading off to hunt, the men would sing songs that had originated in or described dreams they had of the location of game and of their success; all songs, having materialized in dream, were personal and no hunter sang another's song. Presented here is a collection of personal hunting songs recorded on an Indian settlement in Scheffervilee, P.Q., Canada in 1964.

1.1 Hunting Song
1.2 Bear Hunting Song
1.3 Explanatory Monologue
1.4 Two Hunting Songs
1.5 Two Hunting Songs
1.6 Hunting Season Is Almost Here / I Saw a Woman / the Wind Is My Father (Medley)
1.7 Hunting Song
1.8 Hunting Song
1.9 I Hunt with My Sons
1.10 I'm Happy When I Catch a Caribou
1.11 The People Are Coming to Dinner
1.12 Father Said That I Must Sing
1.13 I Sing Until I Catch Something
1.14 I Shot a Caribou
1.15 I Shot a Caribou
1.16 In the Winter I Hunt All the Time
1.17 I Went on a River with My Canoe
1.18 We Will Go to the Bush, You and I
1.19 I See Where to Go Hunting in My Dreams

Music of Algonkiansi / Various: Music of Algonkiansi / Various

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