Various Artists: Showcase

Various Artists: Showcase
Title: Showcase
Label: Opus 3
Product Type: VINYL LP

Showcase is a 180 gram vinyl test/reference record for people interested in music and serious High Fidelity and who want to test or enjoy good HiFi equipment with a carefully made selection of acoustic music, World, Folk, Blues, Jazz and Classical music in a harmonic mixture - from the latest Opus 3 releases. Acoustic music in authentic environments. Like all Opus 3 LPs, this is a true analogue cutting using a Studer A-80 tape recorder specially made for cutting - no digital delay (because of the "pre-view signal" needed for the cutting lathe) was used for the audio signal during the cutting process. Includes well-known Opus 3 Artists: Benny Waters, Eric Bibb, Omnibus Wind Ensemble and Lars Estrand.

1.1 I Can't Get Started
1.2 Where the Green Grass Grows
1.3 Vaquero
1.4 The Talk of the Town
1.5 Blues Opus 03
1.6 The Meaning of the Blues
1.7 O Ango Tango
1.8 Comes Love
1.9 I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
1.10 Sanctus, for Chorus
1.11 Orientale
1.12 Overture
1.13 2nd Movement
1.14 Bol Ro, Ballet for Orchestra

Various Artists: Showcase

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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