Tobias / Cobb / Donaldson / Lutter / Rice / Oliver: Welte Mignon Mystery 28

Various Artists: Welte Mignon Mystery 28
Title: Welte Mignon Mystery 28
Artist: Tobias / Cobb / Donaldson / Lutter / Rice / Oliver
Label: Tacet Records
UPC: 4009850020004
Genre: Jazz

"Swinging Welte" is part of TACET's "Welte Mystery Series" which explores the unknown piano rolls that rose to popularity in the 1920's. Fifty piano rolls were recovered from the basement of Hans Schmitz, an expert and specialist in the alignment of Welte pneumatics. Presented here are eighteen of those rolls, performed by various legendary pianists including George Gershwin and Hans Sommer.

1.1 Just Another Day Wasted Away, Foxtrot
1.2 Russian Rag (After a Prelude By Rachmaninoff)
1.3 Sam, the Old Akkordeon Man, Foxtrot
1.4 The Whistling Rufus March, Cakewalk
1.5 When You Waltz with the One You Love, Waltz
1.6 Tulip Time (From Ziegfield Follies of 1919)
1.7 Sometimes I'm Happy, Foxtrot (From Hit the Deck)
1.8 Blue Skies, Foxtrot (From Betsy)
1.9 Yearning, Foxtrot
1.10 The Wedding Glide, One-Step (From the Passing Show of 1912)
1.11 Just a Little Longer, Foxtrot
1.12 I Am in Love Again, Blues (From Greenwich Village Follies of 1924)
1.13 Pobre Percanta!, Tango
1.14 Mine, Foxtrot
1.15 Will You Remember, Waltz (From Maytime)
1.16 Smiles, Foxtrot (From the Passing Show of 1918)
1.17 Idolizing, Foxtrot
1.18 So Blue, Waltz

Tobias / Cobb / Donaldson / Lutter / Rice / Oliver: Welte Mignon Mystery 28


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