Wax: Wax Live In Concert 1987

Wax: Wax Live In Concert 1987
Title: Wax Live In Concert 1987
Label: Cherry Red

2019 three disc (two CDs + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) live archive release featuirng a previously unreleased concert by Wax, recorded in Harrogate in November 1987. Wax was a collaboration between two highly respected song writers and musicians, namely American Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman. Both Gold and Gouldman had enjoyed successful careers before coming together. Andrew Gold had recorded four acclaimed albums for Asylum Records and had enjoyed hits with such classic songs as 'Lonely Boy', 'Never Let Her Slip Away', 'Thank You For Being a Friend' and 'Kiss This One Goodbye'. Graham Gouldman had been a successful songwriter in the 1960s and was a member of 10cc from their formation in the early 1970s, being a co-writer of many of their hit singles and acclaimed albums. Wax issued their debut album, Magnetic Heaven, in 1986 and followed this in 1987 with the album American English. In November of 1987 Wax undertook a UK tour with a line-up featuring Andrew Gold, Graham Gouldman and Rick Fenn (lead guitar, vocals), Roger Jackson (keyboards) and Mike Richardson (drums). A concert in Harrogate on November 27th was captured both on audio and video tape, but has languished in the vaults until now. The set performed that evening featured Wax material, including the hit 'Bridge to Your Heart', alongside classics such as 'Never Let Her Slip Away', 'Thank You for Being a Friend' and 'Lonely Boy' by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman's 'Bus Stop' and 'For Your Love' and the 10CC track 'Dreadlock Holiday'. This Esoteric Recordings edition includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay featuring an exclusive interview with Graham Gouldman.

1.1 Magnetic Heaven
1.2 Right Between the Eyes
1.3 Shadows of Love
1.4 In Some Other World
1.5 Ready or Not
1.6 Ball and Chain
1.7 Never Let Her Slip Away
1.8 Thank You for Being a Friend
1.9 Heaven in Her Bed
2.1 Bug in the Machine
2.2 Bus Stop
2.3 For Your Love
2.4 Hear No Evil
2.5 Alright Tonight
2.6 The Promise
2.7 Lonely Boy
2.8 Dreadlock Holiday
2.9 Bridge to Your Heart
2.10 American English
2.11 Slow Down
3.1 In Some Other World
3.2 Hear No Evil
3.3 Alright Tonight
3.4 Dreadlock Holiday
3.5 American English
3.6 Bridge to Your Heart

Wax: Wax Live In Concert 1987

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