Winterpills: The Light Divides

Winterpills: The Light Divides
Title: The Light Divides
Label: Signature Sounds

When Winterpills released their debut album in the fall of 2005, fans and critics alike scrambled to define what made it one of most significant musical discoveries of the year. Critics met the album with descriptions like, "Heavy with moments of sheer beauty," "exquisite vocals," "deeply moving & heartrending," and "as textured as the best indie rock around." Now, the Light Divides ups the ante on the Winterpills' shimmering, resonant, heartbroken pop glory. These songs, as musically sophisticated and delicate as any of songwriter Philip Price's career, and given otherwordly treatment by band members Flora Reed, Dave Hower, and Dennis Crommett, nevertheless feel essential, even familiar, like old friends. The hooks and harmonies have been burnished so that they glow from within - it's as if Winterpills has brought to light the songs you were already humming to yourself, but didn't know it.

1.1 Lay Your Heartbreak
1.2 Hide Me
1.3 Handkerchiefs
1.4 Broken Arm
1.5 Shameful
1.6 Eclipse
1.7 July
1.8 A Ransom
1.9 I Bear Witness
1.10 June Eyes
1.11 Angels Fall
1.12 You Don't Live Long Enough
1.13 A Folded Cloth
1.14 Bonus Track 1
1.15 Bonus Track 2

Winterpills: The Light Divides

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